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What Hollywood Has To Say About Original Belly Works .........

Terence Howard: Crash          "This is GOOD. Congratulations"   

Taylor Cole: Heroes     
     "BEAUTIFUL! (turning to her beau)... What do you think honey? LOL (joking)"    

Amber Frakes : True Blood -  EMMY NOMINEE          "This is Great! "    

Steven Baldwin:        " Cute! Very Cute! I have a niece who could definitely use this."  

Adam Corolla:(Director)         "Your fiberglass guy is great."  

Michael Rooker: (Actor)         "This is great!"  

Marisol Nichols: 24        " This is great. Really cool."

Kysten Ritter: Shopaholic         "Amazing!"  

Luke Grimes: "Awesome! "Cute!"  

Gabriel Jarret: Frost/ Nixon - NOMINEE         " That's Hysterical! That is the most creative thing that I have seen in  a long time. WOW! WOW!"  

Jeremy Sumpter: Friday Night Lights          "This is Awesome!  OMG! You hang it on a wall! This is awesome! FANTASTIC!"  

Tom Arnold: Best Damn Sports Show         "Fantastic! Great Idea. I could do this with my body!"  

Alison Brie: Mad Men – 2009 Golden Globes NOMINEE          "This is very innovative. How cute is this!"

Alonzo Bolden: Last Comic Standing          "This is unreal. I would have never thought of this. You should start plastering women's ankles next because that's all I seem to here them talk about about. (how swollen they were when they were pregnant) LOL!!"  

Annalynne McCord: 90210          "OMG! I just love it!" 

Samantha Mollen: Recording Artist         "This is awesome"  

Steve Carr: Dr Doolittle Director           "This is so sweet. I think this is the sweetest thing I’m going to see today."  

Kevin Sorbo: Hercules         "I never thought it would happen! ( about posing in the belly cast)"  

Klya Pratt: Hotels for Dogs         "This is so cute. I just love pregnant people. I really do."  

​ Madeline Zima: Californication- NOMINEE         "I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! How adorable. So creative."  

Kate Flannery: The Office – NOMINEE   " Oh My God. This is too cute."

Isaiah Washington: Bionic woman/ Greys Anatomy         "Let me know when you go public so I can get some shares."  

James Kyson Lee: Heroes         " I can’t believe you have four kids. You look awesome."

Danielle Nicolet: The Starter Wife
        "OMG! This is adorable!"  

‘Sugar’: Survivor         "This is so awesome. I wanna take a picture with the belly. This is so cool."  

Adrianna Leighton:         "This is the best baby shower gift ever."  

Fawn: White Chicks         ​"This is great . WOW!"    

Cristin Elise:         "I’m gonna tell you right where this is going…Shhhhh. It’s a secret"
​  Amber Stevens:        "I’m loving this! I’m going to give this to my friend."