We are a Team  of Creativity & Ingenuity..........

Tisha DeShields

Founder and Creator of Original Belly Works
Contact: tisha@orignalbellyworks.com

​After having her ​fourth child. Awestruck by the beauty and promise of a pregnant woman’s form, artist Tisha DeShields conceived Original Belly Works while pregnant herself. She realized that no gift could be more poignant than providing the expectant mother a way to preserve the splendor of pregnancy. While designing the sculpture, she realized that she wanted to immortalize the same memory for each of her children. She began to research the possibility of producing a copy of her pregnant form. In so doing, the idea to offer this creation to all mothers was born. Along with offering a belly casting kit, OBW offers a prefabricated fiberglass sculpture to mothers by surrogacy and adoption. Tisha is delighted to see that her creativity and business background has birthed such a unique business. Tisha currently has five patents and Original Belly Works is the only business of its kind offering the fiberglass sculpture. She portrays the image of the successful new Millennium mother and business woman with her creativity, grace, business savvy, and ingenuity ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

​Monica Polo

​ Business Development/Marketing of Original Belly Works
​Contact: monica@originalbellyworks.com

​An artist and retired model, Monica Polo was recruited by Tisha, a close friend, to head up business development, and advertising for Original Belly Works in 2005. She parlayed her creativity and experience into a successful career as a copywriter and website/ad designer. Helping Tisha out soon became a more demanding job! Having left the corporate world for “good” in June 2006, and sharing the same vision and love of the arts and an affinity for crafts, Monica became inspired to join Original Belly Works on a full time basis. Both Tisha and Monica wear many “hats” at Original Belly Works. She brings to Original Belly Works her tenacity, diversity, creativity, and commitment to success.  With her vision, panache, eloquence, and talent she insure to continue to be an integral component in the success of Original Belly Works.