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*** OBW offers fiberglass & design services as an upgrade of the traditional belly cast***

Step 3

Let Us Design your Sculpture

*A Member of our Design Team will Contact You to Confirm Design


To Creating Your One-Of-A Kind Belly Sculpture

An Original Belly Works’ Keepsake Is Meant to Be Uniquely Yours

A gift for Mom and a keepsake for Baby, an Original Belly Work’s sculpture is a beautiful, lasting impression of the pregnant woman’s torso. With paint, fabric, flowers of other enhancements of choice, the final work presents a wonderful, whimsical piece of art and an expressive symbol of love and hope.  Available for adoptive parents and moms who have given birth, our superior quality, preformed figures are ready for your personal touch. Original Belly Works offers beautiful custom designed belly castings that are finished fiberglass works of art. These one-of-a-kind pieces are indestructible and lightweight enough to be hung on a wall and display beautifully in a baby's nursery!

What’s in an OBW Belly Cast Kit?

Each kit contains all materials needed to craft a plaster cast of Mom-to-Be’s belly.  Receive step-by-step instructions, 5 rolls of premium casting material, Vaseline, rubber gloves, a drop cloth and a bucket.

The Finishing Touch…

….is an OBW fiberglass Finish. As the only source to extend this option; using your plaster belly cast, OBW will cast a smooth finish fiberglass belly ready to decorate.  This weather resistant material prevents mold, chipping, breaking, and cracking.  The lightweight sculpture also mounts easily to the wall.  Plaster kits contain ordering instructions. 

"Original Belly Works is the ONLY source to provide a way to help our clients protect their belly
impression. I want people today to step 'Out of the Box' and see that art is about breaking down barriers. It gets people to feel, to think and to react. So when you come across life size pregnant belly sculptures that have been covered in denim, jellybeans, rhinestones, bellies that have been painted   with elaborate themes or transformed into something else entirely, you can’t help but stop and think about what it all means.  All your preconceived ideas go out the window. Suddenly people see that art can be fun and art can be functional and interesting to everyone, not just people who frequent museums."

 ~Tisha DeShields~

Step 2

Fiberglass your Plaster Belly Mold

*Send us your plaster mold once you've plastered your tummy and we will create a fiberglass sculpture.

Step 1

Order The Kit  

*Plaster your Pregnant Belly with our easy do-it-yourself kit.